On SiteMy name is Milda and I am a writer, photographer and a starting filmmaker based in Singapore. I love books and movies, especially the ones that take me back to the days of the Hemingway’s Paris after World War 2, Kerouac’s and his friend travels across America or Byron’s adventures in the country of the Oxus.

I’ve spent last few years pursuing my dream of traveling the world and capturing incredible moments and undiscovered places in photographs. Yet, I found myself struggling to find my voice, my “thing”, which I would be truly passionate about. I’ve tried everything, from commercial travel writing to more inspirational articles and nothing felt right. I was lost.

After spending months back home with family and friends, listening to their stories about War, Love, Family, Friendships, Adventures, I realised that what I am truly passionate about are people in my life and the ones I meet along the way and their stories. So I decided to focus my writing and photography towards that! Let’s see how it goes:)

I will still carry on sharing my travel experiences with you, so stay tuned!

I am available for freelance editorial, photography and filmmaking assignments, so if you would like to work on some projects together drop me a line below!

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